Expertise and Analytics Capabilities

Businesses throughout North America rely on data to gain a competitive advantage and improve profitability. But their success hinges on the ability to gain insights from that data – and from those insights, the ability to implement profitable change both strategically and technically across their organization.

At Corios, we help our clients achieve all three. From strategy to execution, Corios works with organizations in the banking, insurance, retail and energy industries to develop the analytic capabilities required to outperform the competition. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Analytics Modernization
  • Credit Risk and Compliance Analytics
  • Utility Analytics


For those interested in the distinct capabilities that Corios offers, you’re in the right place!

We leverage the following capabilities to deliver customized business analytics solutions to our clients:

  • Analytics/Process – optimize business process and strategic systems
  • Cognitive Modeling – simulate human problem solving and mental task processes
  • Forecasting – leverage historic data to determine the direction of future trends
  • Markov Chain – analyze the tendency of one event to be followed by another
  • Optimization – find the best element from a set of available alternatives
  • Predictive Modeling/Scorecarding – “rank-order” customers according to their likelihood to exhibit a specific behavior
  • Software Development – research, develop, prototype, modify, reuse, re-engineer, and maintain a software product
  • Stochastic Simulations – evaluate or estimate intractable problems by probabilistic simulation and sampling
  • Supply Chain Analysis – get unique insights on demand patterns, supply networks and logistics opportunities
  • Test and Learn – compare results of competing strategies and changes over time
  • Visualization – visually explore data sets of any size to spot trends, patterns and hidden insights

Big Data Analytics

At Corios, we’re all about leveraging analytics to make businesses better. But that doesn’t mean we don’t geek out on a regular basis. The fact is, we’re as nerdy as we are business savvy – and we’re serious about staying on the cutting edge of big data. Here are some of the innovative services that we offering to our clients:

In-Database Analytics
With in-database analytics, relevant tasks are moved closer to the data, and computations are run inside the database to avoid time-consuming data movement and conversion. Realize significant performance improvements with faster execution of key data management and analytic development and deployment tasks.

Real Time Decisioning
Improve business responsiveness, enable self-adaptive processes and maximize the value of every interaction with optimized and personalized customer interaction flows. By learning from every single interaction and adjusting your processes in real time, you will always take the best course of action and optimize the value of each opportunity.

Data visualization capabilities give you access to information-packed charts, so you can see express trends in your business performance – no programming required.

In-Memory Analytics
Identify the effects of real-world uncertainty by building simulations of millions of future scenarios using in-memory analytics.

Sequence, Transaction & Time Series Forecasting
Leverage time series data to extract meaningful insights and predict future outcomes. Detect transaction patterns exhibited by your customers and predict their likely next actions.

Analytics Model Deployment
At Corios, we’re working to create a common language and set of best practices around model deployment. With a standardized approach to implementing and executing on model frameworks, we help our clients boost model performance and improve ROI of their analytics strategy.

From Data to Decisions

For analytics to be truly powerful, they must do more than simply process large amounts of data using a static set of statistical techniques. At Corios, we believe that powerful analytics should create new insights to be implemented and ultimately shape the decision-making process.

Contact us to learn more about how Corios’ analytics solutions drive business performance.