Industries where Corios makes a difference

At Corios, we’re in the business of providing more than answers, we provide solutions that make a difference. That means we ground our services in the unique needs presented by each of our clients and leverage our expertise to uncover the business insights that will inform decision-making and strategy.

Corios has designed solutions for clients in the retail, travel, and life sciences industries, but the majority of our work is leveraged to improve performance and profitability in the following industries:

Banking & Credit Unions

banking-iconIn today’s banking industry, profitability hinges on an organization’s ability to adapt and evolve in a complex, demanding marketplace. Savvier customers, intense competition, increasing risks and ever-expanding regulatory scrutiny mean that banks and credit unions must implement a systematic analytics strategy to keep a competitive advantage. At Corios, we design solutions that help our banking and credit union clients understand consumer needs, manage risk and compliance, streamline operations, and improve profitability through business insights and informed strategy.


insurance-iconThe challenging reality for insurers today can be summed up by three factors: an increasingly regulated and complex risk environment, intense competition, and waning customer loyalty. Corios’ insurance solutions help our clients retain and grow their customer base, streamline claims cycles and analysis, manage risk and regulatory compliance and improve profitability in accordance with business-wide initiatives.


retail-iconModern retailers face a marketing landscape that becomes more complex and challenging by the day. While brand continues to play a foundational role, the digital age has transformed the relationship between retailer and consumer, ushering in a vast new set of marketing channels and touch points. At Corios, we work with retailers to structure omni-channel marketing strategies that enhance the customer experience, protect your brand, and improve marketing ROI. With decades of experience helping leading edge businesses build robust predictive analytics and marketing optimization initiatives, the Corios team is poised to provide retailers with a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

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