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Marketing campaigns are most effective when optimized for buyer behavior

Cross-sell marketing campaigns can produce significant financial results—particularly when incorporating the ideal mix of offer strategy, timing, incentives, delivery, controls, fulfillment, brand—and (of course) previously unmet customer needs.

However, many organizations face challenges when attempting to intelligently integrate all of these customer factors into their marketing campaign strategy.

Incorporating mathematical optimization into campaigns requires skill, patience, and diligence. Ideal cross-sells are made using a practice that builds on a strong predictive scoring foundation, and leverages mathematical optimization to allocate the best offers to customers.

In order to maximize their fiscal contribution, you must align marketing campaigns with precise customer analytics.

In this RedPaper, Corios President Robin Way leads an in-depth discussion around:

  • The benefits of a mathematical optimization approach – Learn how mathematical optimization of cross-sell campaigns adds value over and above other traditional offer allocation techniques.
  • How optimization can increase campaign performance – Discover the value of information, and how mathematical optimization strategies can help balance short-term and long-term campaign performance.
  • Challenges faced when considering the adoption of mathematical campaign optimization – Prepare for the challenges that campaign analysts will face when implementing a mathematical optimization capability for the first time.
  • Lessons learned from applying mathematical optimization to cross sell campaigns – Read the steps needed to get the most out of mathematical optimization applied to customer strategies.