Risk Management & Compliance

Now more than ever, we see organizations of all sizes and across all industries struggling to manage risk.

Regulatory mandates like Basel and SOX create additional pressure on risk management operations in today’s financial industries, creating a significant burden and added compliance risk.

For most companies, fragmentation of risk and compliance information makes it exceptionally challenging to gain a true organization-wide understanding of these operations and to be confident that risks are being correctly identified and handled.

At Corios, we leverage our expertise in designing and implementing analytics solutions to address inefficiencies related to Risk Management and Compliance operations for businesses in the banking, lending, and insurance industries. Our integrated approach helps you get ahead of the curve, and gain a competitive advantage in a fast-moving marketplace.

Our capabilities include:


GRC and Model Management

For many organizations, the greatest governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) challenge lies in creating a consolidated view of compliance, risk and internal controls.

GRC is typically performed by different operating teams managing separate requirements. Corios’ proprietary GRC model management solution provides common processes and foundations that facilitate the comprehensive management of GRC models, and address individual requirements at the same time.

Our Metronome solution for GRC model management tackles the problem of siloed GRC responses without imposing a one-size-fits-all prescription. Corios helps client organizations leverage Metronome to:

  • Develop bird’s-eye-view of GRC operations
  • Promote common language and processes
  • Create efficiencies and cost savings


Credit Risk Analytics

Financial history alone gives a fragmented picture of consumer behavior and credit risk. Organizations need more comprehensive, current information on which to base lending and credit decisions at all points of their customers’ lifecycle and across the credit spectrum.

Corios helps clients develop and implement credit risk analytics capabilities that improve underwriting decisions, increasing revenues and reducing risk costs. These capabilities help our clients:

  • Understand and adapt to changing consumer behavior
  • Consolidate, structure and analyze available data
  • Optimize portfolio offerings against credit risk


Financial Crime, Fraud, Compliance Analytics

The rapid growth of criminal activity in the financial services sector is a testament to how difficult it is to detect and prevent fraud and financial crime.

Corios helps clients develop analytics capabilities to address every point at which your organization is vulnerable to fraud and financial crime. Our enterprise-wide approach ensures better detection and visibility, helping to protect your organization from the financial and reputational loss associated with financial crimes.

These analytics capabilities help our clients:

  • Detect fraud and crime propensity
  • Synthesize data into actionable intelligence that can leverage more strategic decision making and help ease compliance management
  • Maximize customer trust, and reduce reputational risk


Risk Model Deployment

Organizations everywhere struggle with inefficiency and inaccuracy in their risk management and compliance initiatives. It’s not surprising – these functionalities are fraught with increasing fragmentation of people, process and technology. The risk of effort duplication, conflicting systems, contradictory or inconsistent procedures and standards, and silos of information can squander resources and increase the risk of operating in a non-compliant manner.

Corios’ risk model deployment solution helps clients establish common processes, a common language, and optimized strategy that gets the right data to the right people at the right time, enabling powerful decision-making on the front line and allowing executives and managers to confidently identify and focus efforts on key risks and control issues.

With our proprietary Tempo solution, Corios’ clients:

  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs of risk management and compliance
  • Manage risk more effectively
  • Assign risk mitigation strategies to accounts & obligors


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