Real time offer optimization

Closed loop campaign offer optimization powered by SAS analytics

I’ve had the opportunity to deliver the incredible value of campaign offer optimization to more than 40 clients over the last 10 years. I’ve always been impressed with the robustness of the SAS Marketing Optimization solution, and how our clients have been able to adapt this approach into their marketing, risk management and pricing processes.

The one chasm we’ve been waiting to leap in the discipline of mathematical optimization-enabled campaign strategy assignment has been real-time delivery: until now.

Corios has developed and implemented an approach for real-time implementation of offer optimization that leverages the SAS platform’s predictive scoring and offer optimization that works with interactive channels such as CRM systems and web content delivery.

The 15-minute video below shares our approach, and I invite you to watch.

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Next best offer featuring the Corios Harmony strategy

Adding value through the customer lead cycle via predictive analytics and real-time scoring

When I speak with our clients’ Chief Marketing Officers and other leaders of customer relationship strategy, the topic of more effective on-boarding and lead nurturing arises frequently. Specifically, how can they deploy the data-driven approaches they’ve developed for direct marketing in the lead cycle?

The challenge with which they’re grappling represents two key transitions from business as usual:

  • the transition from relating with pools of customers to individual customers
  • the transition from batch, offline outreach, to real-time interaction with those customers.

These leaders need to provide their front-line relationship managers with tailored, responsive and relevant customer treatments, through whichever channel the customer wants to engage.

The following video tells the story of the day in the life of Brian Gates, a business banking customer of Great California Bank. Brian is a business owner who wants to address unmet financial needs to help his business grow and thrive. Watch this 18-minute story to learn how the Corios Harmony strategy will help Brian’s relationship managers add value through the lead cycle and produce a win-win for Brian and the bank in making a relevant and profit-generating offer.

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How to optimize bank portfolio pricing and risk using Corios’ Forte Solution

Analyze and optimize portfolio pricing, cash flow, risk exposure and stress

Our clients often ask us, “how do you recommend we should apply stress testing to our lending portfolio, so that we can determine the sensitivity of risk exposure to various macroeconomic conditions and lending strategies?” Sometimes they are responding to CCAR analyses. Other clients are focused on product innovation and profitability. Yet others want to optimize the prices they set on to-be-acquired customers.

No matter which objective motivates them, we’re convinced that the traditional means of analyzing portfolio risk, economic stress, pricing and product design should be overhauled. That’s why we built the Corios Forte solution. After watching this 12-minute video, we think you’ll agree that our approach brings consistency, control and transparency to the process of portfolio risk analytics.

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What’s in a name?

Four reasons we chose the name 'Corios'

NameBlog-exampleGraphic-croppedA lot of folks ask me, what does Corios mean, and why did you choose that name for your firm’s brand?

As this blog marks the start of a new chapter for the Corios brand, I feel that this initial post is the perfect opportunity share my thoughts on the topic, and to answer the burning question that sits at the top of your mind.

Why ‘Corios’?

In this post, I’ve outlined four goals I had in mind when selecting a name for my business, and some context for why (and how) the name ‘Corios’ meets each of them.

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