A marketing optimization solution for lead nurturing and improved profitability

These days, customer acquisition costs are through the roof – and it has become more important than ever to understand buyer behavior and target promotions effectively. To be truly effective, information about your buyer should come from more than just traditional transaction data.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of prospect contact strategies, you must leverage existing customer analytics, deploy a data-driven approach, and align interaction with larger business initiatives – allowing you to present the right offer to the right buyer at the right time.

Insights to optimize campaign resources while actively improving your customer relations

Harmony utilizes mathematical techniques which enable you to make the most of each individual customer touch point – by using tailored, responsive and relevant messaging, delivered through your customer’s preferred communication channel. Our customizable analytics platform arms your sales team, operations managers, and executives with the intelligence to:

  • Segment and analyze each customer’s behavior
  • Summarize consumer buying trends and behavior via personalized dashboards
  • Detect cross and up selling opportunities
  • Monitor sales activity, control inventory and assess store operations
  • Review team productivity, pipeline, inventory, and sell rates
  • View critical metrics by geography on any device
  • Manage campaigns and promotions across multiple marketing channels
  • Develop long-term contact strategies

more about our Harmony solution

Client Case Study: Optimized Next Best Offer

Learn how a retail marketing group for a major bank produced a net increase of $22 in gross sales per customer by leveraging Harmony to optimize campaigns.

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Video: Adding Value through the Customer Lead Cycle

Watch this story to learn how banks can leverage the Corios Harmony Solution add value through the lead cycle and make relevant, profit-generating offers for banking customers.

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Video: Real Time Offer Optimization

Learn how our Harmony solution facilitates closed loop campaign offer optimization, powered by SAS analytics.

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Blog Post: Deep Dive on Marketing Analytics and Optimization

Take a deeper dive into how Corios provides superior financial returns for our clients by helping them anticipate their customers’ needs and putting the right offer in front of the customer at the right time.

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