A customer event detection and response solution for improved relationship optimization

Each time a customer engages with your firm (through a purchase, online activity, or product delivery), volumes of raw transactional data are generated and recorded. The sheer magnitude of this high-velocity, high-density data is unparalleled—and it’s enabled by the rapidly increasing amount of interaction channels and devices.

When properly compiled and organized, these data volumes provide highly effective predictive indicators of customer events, sequences, and patterns—making remarkable insights into customer behavior and relationships available to decision-makers and relationship managers.

But how can you intentionally and intuitively track this transactional data? And how should you align these customer interactions with company responses, and allocate resources to those relationships?

Predictive Insights and analysis into customer interactions

The analytics computing techniques needed to accomplish this have been hiding in plain sight for years. Only now have pioneers in customer event and response analytics had the opportunity to develop practical and pragmatic business processes to respond to these challenges.

Veloce uses high-density, high-velocity transactional data and cutting-edge analytics to detect customer events, build patterns and sequences, and predict customer interaction outcomes. Armed with this intelligence, you can begin to make strategic decisions about resource allocation, channel interactions, and customer relationship optimization.

Our innovative software platform enables your leadership team to:

  • Track and analyze the movement of products and services
  • Build a composite view of customer behavioral metrics
  • Increase customer relationship optimization
  • Capitalize on emerging customer sales opportunities
  • Identify looming customer retention risks
  • Prevent adverse customer service events in the field
  • Improve capacity planning to eliminate waste

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