An analytics hosting solution featuring ongoing guidance and coaching

Investing in an expanded analytics business process is no small undertaking. Not only will you need the necessary people, data, tools, and model assets to support it – you’ll also need the physical computing environment to house it all.

And a new computing environment, including hardware, storage, security and network access, means work – lots of it. From building, to implementation, to process management, to data security… it can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming for your entire team. Internal hardware is often overbuilt, hard to adapt, slow to act, and not responsive to the business… and to top it off, few analysts have anywhere to turn for support or guidance.

To navigate this transition successfully, organizations need an analytics computing environment designed by analytics professionals, built from the ground up for the way you work, and backed by sound IT practices.

Guidance, data security, and total business process support

Legato offers a reliable alternative to the cumbersome internal option of hardware sourcing, or the generic external approach of third party hosting not tuned to the needs of analytics professionals. Our hosted analytics capabilities allow us to deliver and support foundational analytics that address the most difficult business problems. Unlike other solutions, Legato is more than just hardware—we prioritize ongoing guidance and process support for our hosted analytics clients.

Our comprehensive analytics platform enables your team to:

  • Develop an analytics roadmap
  • Employ a fully administered analytics computing environment
  • Receive personalized guidance, coaching, and process development
  • Leverage an enterprise-ready platform and system management
  • Comply with periodic audit and compliance processes like SSAE16 and PCI
  • Gain access to SAS capabilities: grid, in-memory computing, in-database analytics, cutting edge visualization
  • Reduce total hosting expenses


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