Analytics Videos from Corios

Corios’ continued efforts to bridge the gap between data and business decisions means reinventing the discourse around analytics.

The truth is, the field of analytics is complicated enough – too many vague promises, too much technical jargon, and too many failed projects. That’s why we’re leading the conversation around management analytics and cutting through the complexity of big data.

Here you’ll find videos related to Corios’ service areas, capabilities, and approach. As in everything we do, our videos tie data and analytics back to measurable improvements in business processes, performance, and outcomes.

At Corios, we tell the stories numbers can’t.

“Organic Intelligence: Telling a Story about the Human Experience using Math”

Corios President Robin Way was invited by SAS Institute to speak on the topic of “Organic Intelligence”, and how artificial intelligence won’t be taking over the world of knowledge work any time soon. Robin and a colleague shared their perspective via audience participation exercises and practical examples. No technical jargon required!


Technology Association of Oregon – Ignite 2017

Corios President Robin Way spoke at the Technology Association of Oregon’s annual “Ignite” event – a high-energy evening of 5-minute, tech-related talks – about how biomimicry can help us predict customer journeys.


“Ask a Statistician” – 2013 Edition!

Corios President Robin Way caught up with the SAS® team at Analytics 2013 in Orlando, Florida. The result? This six-part “Ask a Statistician” video series! Check out the footage below, where Robin (along with other conference participants) nerd out over all things statistics.


How do statistics generate profits?

President Robin Way explains how Corios leverages statistics to create profitable solutions for clients in the banking and insurance industries.


What types of statistical analyses does Corios use?

Dive into the nitty-gritty with Robin Way, as he introduces a number of Corios’ analytical capabilities including classification and time series forecasting.


What best practices do we employ for explaining statistical results?

Not everyone needs to be fluent in analytics! President Robin Way explains how Corios weaves quantitative results into a story that delivers business insights and bridges the gap between your data and decisions.


How does Corios put statistical results into action?

President Robin Way explains why proper model deployment drives business performance with better decisions for your front line team.

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Do you have an example of a client success with statistical analysis?

Of course we do! In this video, Robin Way covers a banking client engagement where Corios drove significant business results with an optimized next best offer (NBO) strategy.

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How do statistics touch our everyday lives?

In more ways than you realize! President Robin Way uses his morning routine to explain how statistics have become integrated in our daily lives.



Inside Analytics 2013

Corios President Robin Way talks the five “D’s” of Model Deployment.

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Inside Analytics 2011

Corios President Robin Way talks transactional sequence models.



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