a model inventory solution for predictive risk, acquisitions, pricing and recovery models

The financial services industry has seen a sharp uptick in the demand for analytic model inventory tools and practices. Driven in part by recent legislative and regulatory pressure, this demand can also be tied to increasing reliance on model-based decision making and associated opportunities for improved profitability.

But as analytics initiatives continue to grow in financial services, the management and oversight of periodic updates of model assets, ongoing review, and approval becomes too complex to track manually. Regulators and internal reviewers expect to see evidence of well-built practices and processes, and there is a profitable interest in robust monitoring of model performance within your own business.

insights and analysis into your models’ performance

Metronome documents the scope, ownership, quality assurance, approval and sign-off, and lifecycle of your model assets – providing a comprehensive audit trail and reporting mechanism, tailored for your business. With over 20 financial service clients currently employing Corios’ Metronome solution, it is proven and aligned with industry standards.

Our customizable platform can help your team:

  • Deliver on GRC reporting needs for internal auditors and regulatory examiners
  • Identify types, attributes, and relationships between different classes of models
  • Gain visibility into each model’s development, review, approval, and retirement
  • Regulate version management and change control
  • Build detailed processes and workflows for tracking the model asset lifecycle
  • Understand each model’s insights, including the interpretation, defensibility, and decision thresholds based on a model score
  • Measure model performance and know when to calibrate or replace the model
  • Develop straightforward documentation and knowledge transfer material among new and existing team members

More about our Metronome Solution

Video: Model Risk Inventory via Corios’ Metronome Solution

Watch our video to learn how to reinvest time and effort from compliance documentation back into risk model development and deployment.

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