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Your company faces systemic challenges when hiring analytics talent

As the role of data and analytics continues to grow in the business world, academic curricula are unable to keep up with the scope of expertise needed in the field. As such, companies are looking beyond the PhD, and are increasingly hiring managers and well-rounded individuals with a blend of analytical, technical, and business-driven thinking.

But where do businesses find these individuals? And how can they ensure a profitable tenure?

Businesses in the banking industry (retail banks in particular), face a shortage in their ability to acquire, retain and leverage these well-rounded data science professionals. What’s more, the sheer connectedness of communications flows in banks today demands professionals who can translate between the arcane language of the scientist, and the very practical, no-nonsense language of the product manager or branch manager.

The greatest challenge lies in finding the right analytic talent, securing their investment and tenure in your company, and leveraging their expertise for maximum impact

In this RedPaper, Corios President Robin Way leads an in-depth discussion around:

  • Recruitment and retention of analytic talent – Learn today’s leading strategies for finding qualified professionals, and why compensation alone won’t ensure their tenure.
  • The diversity of skills typifying the most in-demand professionals – Know what to look for in your analytics talent. Hint: your candidates need far more than statistical analysis and modeling skills.
  • Organizational designs to optimize the impact of your analytics talent – There is no single approach for organizing analytics talent suited to fit every organization. From decentralized to highly centralized models, you must leverage every opportunity for analytic insights and models to guide the ideal allocation of treatments to customers.
  • 10 talent-related challenges faced by banking analytics organizations – Find out the top challenges holding your competitors back, and explore solutions for avoiding them in your own organization.