Corios RedPapers

Our collection of RedPapers reflects our dedication to helping craft a common language and processes that make analytics simple, approachable, and implementable for decision makers and businesses everywhere.

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Skate where the puck’s headed

A Playbook for Scoring Big with Predictive Analytics

Turn your data into profits. Learn how to elevate your analytical maturity and start making real money with big data in the latest resource from Corios President Robin Way—a business playbook for scoring big with predictive analytics.

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Model Deployment: The Moment of Truth

Get more from your models. Your analytic models should do more than improve understanding… they should drive economic performance. Learn how a strategic model deployment framework can help improve your analytics ROI.

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Balance supply-side and demand-side investments. When you consider how to make a smart, informed decision about investing in analytics, many of our clients struggle to build a business case with a strong foundation and with a complete view of the full costs and benefits. Here are some tools to make your task easier.

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Learn from every customer touchpoint. To be truly effective, information about your buyer should come from more than just transaction data. Explore how to integrate the view of your customers across all marketing and sales channels using a customer next best offer engine.

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Predict customer behavior with multiple models. One state-of-the-art model cannot predict the behavior of a portfolio of customers. Learn to build a repeatable, closed-loop process for multiple predictive models that will produce a larger contribution than their cost to build.

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Detecting Customer Events

Gain insights from your customer data. Today, the sheer volume of customer interactions is enormous. Learn how to leverage high-velocity transaction data to understand customer behavior and allocate resources to the most opportune interaction points.

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Event Data Transformation

Tell a story with your customer data. Raw signal data alone is not enough to optimize customer interactions. In order to leverage this information, it must first be transformed into analytics-ready intelligence. Explore the modern techniques for data transformation, storage, and retrieval.

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Business Responses to Customer Events

Elevate your customer relationships. When transformed to analytics-ready intelligence, high-velocity transactional data presents a remarkable opportunity to optimize customer interactions. Learn how to prioritize business responses and align resource allocation to customer strategies.

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Next Best Offer Campaigns

Optimize your campaign performance. Many organizations face challenges when attempting to intelligently integrate customer analytics into their marketing campaign strategy. Discover best practices for aligning the two and maximizing their fiscal contribution.

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Predictive Analytics Asset Management

Maximize your models’ effectiveness. In order to maintain model quality at the point of design, company officials must monitor the performance of predictive model assets. Read how to turn your predictive analytics into a thriving model factory.

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Banking Analytics Data Assets

Gain insight into your customer relationships. Account performance data is used to manage customer relationships, but this raw data is of only finite value. Learn how to add more value to raw transactional data by analyzing the behavior of customers and synthesizing new business metrics.

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Banking Analytics Talent

Realize a return on your analytics talent. Businesses in the banking industry face a shortage in their ability to acquire, retain and leverage well-rounded data science professionals. Know what to look for when hiring for these roles, and how to avoid common talent-related challenges.

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