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Guiding our clients to more confident decisions via analytics.

Our Mission is Guiding Clients.

Our mission is guiding clients towards more effective decisions about their customer relationships, risk mitigation and asset protection. We do this by designing and implementing tailored analytics capabilities that help you monitor, detect and act on the critical opportunities in your business to protect and grow its value.

We rely on our experience and intellectual property in data engineering and data science, reflected in our track record of delighted clients, to make your results remarkably effective and your engagement with Corios worry-free.

What We Can Do For You

Customer Relationship Value

  • Offer response
  • Customer value (CLV) optimization
  • Marketing offer timing
  • Customer retention
  • Next Best Offer

Risk Mitigation

  • Credit default and loss modeling
  • Fraud prediction and prevention
  • Proactive loss management
  • CECL/IFRS17 portfolio analysis

Asset Protection

  • Analytics Platform Modernization
  • Cloud Migration
  • P&L optimization
  • Model validation
  • Demand forecasting

Corios bridged the divide between IT and Marketing

Robin Way (Corios’ founder and President) is that rarest of breeds: an accomplished data guru who can translate complex technical concepts into terms that every business person can understand and appreciate. His leadership in bridging the historical divide between our IT and Marketing functions has been integral to helping our company achieve its vision of a data-focused, insight-driven organization.

James Weber, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President
Comerica Bank

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Why Corios Is AGreat Boutique Partner

Corios made a difference in our business

There aren’t a lot of companies that are their size and can go into banks and actually make a difference.

Committed to make us successful

Corios’ responsiveness, and the level of engagement–I feel like they’re really 300% on our team and are committed to make us successful.

Why We're a Great Partner

Corios’Domain Expertise

Most eye-opening moment: their performance results

To me, the most eye-opening moment was when we went to go look at the performance numbers of what they have built. When you’re talking hundreds of terabytes of data, I’ve seen the process take days. Corios got it down to ingested in 15 minutes, and produced results in less than a day. I was expecting something that would take 10 times as long.

Corios distills large, complex data to give us an actionable outcome

Corios is good at taking large, complex datasets and distilling them down to give an actionable outcome for us. They have a lot of technical expertise, but also capability to understand the data to make it actionable.

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